"Dupont's Distinctive Coffeehouse"

Soho Tea and Coffee is located in 'trendy' Dupont Circle. Soho is buzzing from morning till night, open late every day. It's a short walk from Dupont Circle's metro stop, across the bridge from the P Street Bridge into well-known Georgetown, and a block away from the famous Embassy Row. It is a unique blend of New York's Greenwich Village and London coffeehouses; attracting coffee and tea lovers with its many blends of loose gourmet teas.

Soho also offers a selection of wine and beer, rich desserts, fruit smoothies, fresh salads and sandwiches, homemade winter soups, breakfast open to close, and much more. The walls and windows of Soho expose its eclectic decor, with brightly splashed walls of art and color, mismatched tables and chairs, and a floor that was laid to look like the peeled cement sidewalks in every city's demolition area.

Music from Benny Goodman to Madonna plays in the background while customers watch the morning news while sipping a cup of freshly brewed java or espresso, and munching on a bagel with peanut butter or cream cheese. The late crowd browses the internet and gets their e-mail while enjoying one of Soho's delicious sandwiches and a glass of Chardonnay or a piece of Oreo cheesecake and a Honey Bunny Steamer.

In addition to Soho's funky decor, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Want to sip on a bowl of tea and read a book? Want to work on your laptop with a Soho Mocha? Want to sit on our patio with a cold beer or an espresso shake? Or how about just pass the time with an old friend? Then come experiece Soho Tea and Coffee. Once you're inside you become part of the Soho experience.

Never forget that Soho runs on as much caffeine as you, so in those final hours before your deadline, depend on us to get you through the night. The staff completes the experience with a friendly smile and a diverse knowledge of our coffee, tea, wines, and food.

As one well-known photographer said while enjoying a bowl of Licorice Ginger tea, "Emotions are out on the table at Soho; people can be themselves. No one passes judgement and every walk of life is welcome."


About the Owners

Helene Bloom and Fran Levine have been in business for fifteen years.

"We focus on our customers, our service, and our products. We continually strive to make Soho Tea and Coffee a non-corporate, community environment and an integral part of the Dupont Circle Community. Soho is a place to mingle and meet, to study and feel at home, to feel comfortable and welcomed."

- Helene and Fran



• Happy Hour:
4pm-7pm, Every Day. Beers and Wine.

• Monday & Tuesday,Thur., Boardgame Night!
(BYOB - Bring your own board amd have fun)






- Soho Club Card -
11th drink is free!
- Patio Seating -

- ATM on site -
- Wifi
- PC on site

We take Credit Cards..







Winter Hours:

Monday thru Sunday

7am til 8-9pm