Coffeehouses have always been a refuge for people looking for companionship or conversation, and Soho Tea & Coffee is no exception. Between dawn and dusk, sippers of all ethnic groups and all walks of life stroll into Soho to sit, think, and take their first sip of coffee. They find it engulfs them like good friends, sharing good times, and they always have another.

Step through our doors to a warm atmosphere filled with aromas and personalities that are just your cup of Joe. Soho Tea & Coffee has poured their desire into this comfy space, for a place away from distractions, where work becomes play.

Let our local brews and flavors, with a double shot of intriguing art, create your new favorite spot. Sit with your friends or fly solo. The best seat in the house is always open for you.

• Happy Hour:
4pm-7pm, Every Day. Beers and Wine.

• Monday & Tuesday,Thur., Boardgame Night!
(BYOB - Bring your own board amd have fun)




8AM TIL 6PM....






- Soho Club Card -
11th drink is free!
- Patio Seating -

- ATM on site -
- Wifi
- PC on site

We take Credit Cards..







~ Soho Hours ~
S: 7:00am-10
M: 7:00am-10
T: 7:00am-10
W: 7:00am-10
Th: 7:00am-10
F: 7:00am-10
Sat: 7:00am-10